Links to businesses local to Aldershot

This page is dedicated to businesses we have done business with and they are local to Aldershot. We would like to mention them. Also if you would like to put your business here please send us an email

  • Empire Elements
    Led by Richard Kacerek, our MD, we’ve discovered some of the best web designers in Europe, letting us drive forward projects faster by making progress around the clock. Every single detail is managed from our web design in Surrey and our eye for detail means you won’t be disappointed.

  • Aldershot Retail.
    Aldershot is home to a young, vibrant and affluent population. Families with young children and solid incomes make up more than 34% of the area's catchment demographic. Thanks to the town's military heritage, Aldershot and its people cultivate grate values. Aldershot is a 45-minute train ride away from London, as well as being less than an hour's drive from the coast and national parks.
    The ambitious Wellesley housing development will create up to 3,850 new family homes - just a stone's throw from Aldershot town centre - and is due to start in 2014
  • Grasshopper Delicatessen
    Grasshopper Delicatessen opened this summer to offer the best and widest range of Polish and other eastern foods available. In the short time we have been open we extended our vision to offer the best and most unique healthy and tasty choices.
    People have many challenges to meet when it comes to food: children’s choices, vegetarian, gluten free, dairy free, wheat free, vegan – to name but a few. We have young families and we know those challenges very well. We aim to research and source worldwide new exciting products. We wish to offer us all a choice of fresh, nutritious, interesting foods and bring a sense of discovery and adventure into food shopping.